I am a caring and experienced therapist with one main aim - to help clients make positive change - whether that is within themselves or their relationships.

An integrative Psychotherapist with diverse clinical experience in the field of counselling and wellbeing. My specialism is relationship and psychosexual support but I have worked with couples and individuals with a vast range of concerns.

My main areas of study include systemic therapy, CBT and psychodynamic practice. My research focus has been on prolonged stress and its impact on intimate relationships.   

"Jules helped me change my outlook on life in allsorts of different ways. I would not be where I am today without her help, for which I will always be very grateful"

Professional Qualifications 

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Psychotherapy and Counselling 

University of Chester  Department of Political and Social Science

Level 6 Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling Supervision 

PG Dip in Psychosexual Therapy 

University Advanced Diploma in Couples Counselling 

Domestic Abuse Stalking & Harassment (DASH) Accredited Trainer 

Child Protection & Safeguarding

Tightropes & Safety Nets - Counselling suicidal clients

Digital Counselling: webcam, instant messaging, telephone and email services

Domestic Abuse in LGBTQI Relationships